• Helen

5 thoughts NOW

After 4 days of walking on the beach and covering over 100km, we have been overwhelmed with the support and kindness of others. Here are 5 hero's that have really got us through.

1) Cheryl and Claude - we couldn't of got to the start without you. Not only physically taking us to the Cape but also their constant help and support throughout our preparation.

2) Northland Policeman (we think it’s Leon) - this legend drove past us 2 days in a row and stopping for a yarn and to check how we were doing. That ice-cold can of Coke was absolute bliss, cheers!

3) Gabi, Hukatere Lodge Camp Ground - fresh orange on arrival was the most amazing treat after 3 days of beige food.

4) Bobby and Amy - our 1st TA trail buddies. Lovely to meet such like-minded people during our first few days of the walk, understanding the significance of Brainwave and intergenerational learning.

5) Buzz and Lucky - after a very challenging last day, seeing Buzz in his VW kombi driving on the beach at Ahipara was heaven. A hug, beer and bath was PERFECT.

Honourable mention...

Brent really had to push to get me through the last 2 hours. Team work!


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