• Helen

5 thoughts NOW

During our rest day yesterday I was reflecting on our first 3 weeks. It’s been such an amazing experience already and we’re only at the beginning.

Thank you Mother Nature, shes giving it 100% on views and weather. Also, a huge thank you to everyone we’re meeting along the way. People know we’re walking Te Araroa instantly (huge pack, radiating odour) and want to have a chat with us. Sharing these stories is what it’s all about and helps the mental game massively.

I‘m enjoying the physical challenge too - here are my 5 thoughts on the body

1) my right big toe nail has been black since day injury or pain. Not looking forward to the day that inventively falls off.

2) the kiwi mosquitos seem to really enjoy my British blood. So. Itchy.

3) feeling grateful for my hard work before leaving for the trip and my legs powering through.

4) the hikers tan is quite something. Gaiter tan lines anyone?

5) our feet are slowing turning into giant calluses. Pleased to be adding ‘master of blisters’ to my nursing CV.


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