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5 thoughts NOW

We have been on the trail for 45 days, covered 875 kilometres and walked beaches, bush, byways and bog.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had the luxury of seeing friends and family, staying in comfy beds and enjoying freshly brewed long blacks. As we spend our last night in Te Kuiti we know the next section of the challenge is going to be very different for us as we travel further south.

Of course, Brent still has some connection with every 3rd person we meet, however our known days off and house stops are ending. We have had some great adventures already and have exciting times ahead - here are my 5 thoughts for NOW.

  1. The generosity of others is impressive. I’ve said this before but everyone has been so kind and helpful on our Te Araroa journey. Thank you again to those who have welcomed us, it’s been highly appreciated.

  2. Variety is key. It’s easy to get complacent when things stay the same. The NZ weather is a guessing game and discussed at least 5 times a day. Te Araroa has so far been changing its terrain most day’s too which has been keeping me on my toes... and sometimes slipping on my bum.

  3. Listen to your gut. Last week I wore my old trainers for a day instead of my normal walking boots as I was being picked up that evening. They gave me horrific blisters and I walked for 20km in socks. In my gut I knew after 5 minutes not to walk in the trainers, however my determined (yes, stubborn) nature continued the day and I paid the price later.

  4. Say yes. It always gives the best outcomes.

  5. Gratitude. Speaking to friends and family back in the UK makes me realise how lucky I am to be in New Zealand, travelling around the beautiful country and physically seeing people. Having only been here for 2 years it’s great to feel part of the community and even make it onto kiwi TV. I do miss my British home and am very thankful for all the support they send our way.

Toe nail update - very odd colour. Still in place but not looking hopeful.


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