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5 thoughts NOW

Big delays on the blogging - sorry about that. I starting writing one during the beginning of January, then another when we arrived in the South Island and then 6 weeks suddenly flew by. Many mile stones have been met during the last few weeks as we’ve started the next island, reached the 2000km mark and been on the road for over 100 days. We even celebrated both our birthdays in January. During this period we have walked some fantastic areas including the stunning Marlborough Sounds, challenging Richmond Ranges and famous Nelson Lakes (shame about the sandflies).

We have spent today in Christchurch, taking a day or two off the trail to buy new shoes and catch up with some friends. It’s been great to share our stories with everyone and an important reminder to ourselves that what we are doing is pretty special, and will be over before we know it.

Here our my 5 thoughts for NOW

1. Time. It is quite a difficult concept to grasp whilst on the trail. Often we have no idea of the date or day of the week, only focusing on when our next meal is or when we will next have a comfy bed. This is awesome in a lot of ways, however we do keep missing important events and dates. When walking, an hour can really drag and a kilometre can take forever, however when we arrive back in civilisation after a section you end up being in the middle of February before you know. Bluff is scarily just around the corner...well, 800km away.

2. Phone detox. Can I please recommend that everybody who reads this to take a decent break from their phones. I know it’s easy for me as I am currently taking a wee break from work and have zero responsibility but it’s really been a blessing down the trail. I can confirm that you miss absolutely nothing after a week without any signal.

3. Hiker hunger. If I’m not eating, I’m almost definitely thinking about eating.

4. Wet feet. For the last 2 weeks we have crossed at least one river or stream everyday. I think our best was 20? The socks and shoes are constantly soggy.

5. Staying present. As we inch ever closer to the finish line it’s inevitable that worries and anxiety builds when talking about our next steps. I’m learning to remember to live in the NOW, enjoy the journey and be grateful to have this opportunity. Odds are pretty high on turning around at Bluff and walking back up to Auckland (only kidding Brent).

Shout out to Brent for still tolerating me after 110 days.


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