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5 Thoughts NOW - 9 days dusted

We could not have asked for a better start to our mission. We have had testing times, different conditions and everything in between. This has put us in good shape for the rest of the hike. In particular, I was stoked to make use of our fold up combo spade and pick (we refer to it as the poo stick for reasons that hopefully are obvious!)

Without further a due here are my top 5 for this edition

1) After seeing a duck next to an egg on the verge of a gravel road, my thoughts were, why didn't it move? Was the egg its first and it was in shock? Could it save the precarious situation?

2) Gathering of mussel spat is a serious operation you'll only see on 90 mile Beach

3) Freedom camping is not as scary as one might think when the other options are less than savory. Especially when the "perfect storm" is fast approaching. We learnt quite a bit goes into finding a spot like being sheltered from the elements (without a possible tree falling on you), not prone to flooding and of course a suitable level site.

4) NZ bush has incredible flowers like the native mistletoe - couldn't quite time it right with Helen...

5) Realizing my body isn't what it once was especially when bouncing back from injury (fractured ankle whilst running on July 4th to be exact). So learning to slow down and enjoy instead of wanting to push myself which is easier said than done!

Honorable mention...

Once again we are both humbled by the love and support we are getting

Wee reminder...

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