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5 Thoughts Now on Making it Just Over Halfway

We have finally knocked off 1500km! (and by we I mean everyone else who have helped us on our journey, from equipment providers to family, friends and trail angels)

1) It seems like yesterday, but just over two months ago we were dropped off at Cape Reinga

2) Damn you gorse, stiles, blackberry, supplejack, bog and highways!

3) My mega memory files have been revamped with new and improved visions of Aotearoa/New Zealand - its just a little more than bungy jumping, skydiving and Hotwater Beach. Let's add Hakarimata range out of Huntly, walking up a stream in Russell forest and the Waipu Walkway to name a few.

4) There is a Facebook group called 'Trail Angels' set up for Te Araroa walkers. These trail angels predominantly offer their house/lawn for walkers to stay/pitch their tent. However many go over and beyond by providing food, hot showers, using their laundry and so forth. These guys generally do it for the love and are legends - thanks trail angels!

5) Our donations have slowed for Brainwave Aotearoa, which is to be expected at the halfway point.

If you can think or any initiative that could give us a boost it would be highly appreciated if you could email us and share. In the meantime we would hopefully encourage you do one of, if not all of the following;

Share this blog, our Facebook page, our Instagram page and our website with your friends and family, this will help us immensely.

Honorary mention - Helen xx

Stay safe and Happy New Year!


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