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5 Thoughts on Navigating Our Website

We have had some feedback that we haven't been updating our website. Whilst from a blog point of view this is true, we have a direct feed from Instagram that updates our photo's generally everyday where possible. So here's our top tips to navigating

1) As mentioned we have a direct feed from Instagram to display our changing pictures. You don't need to belong to Instagram and all you need to do is click on which ever picture for descriptions.

2) Speaking of other social media links, at the bottom of the home page you will see icons for Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Click on either of these and it will take you through to our Now Zealand page for each of these services. Instagram and Facebook we use mainly for pictures and any other messages we want to relay.

Youtube are for the videos we post. Generally we will share these videos on Facebook, however there are times we don't do this and therefore it maybe worth your time for a browse on this medium.

3) If you are on our website using your mobile phone, look out for the 3 orange bars that "float" on the screen. This is to access our menu with links to the likes of Brainwave for more information.

4) Our donation button takes you through to New Zealand's most reputable not for profit online fundraising platform - givealittle. Did you know our walk is totally self funded?

5) Finally, for those that enjoy our blogs so far, we will endeavor to increase the frequency! Hope this helps and keep following us on our journey whichever way you find the easiest. We love getting your messages, likes and smiley faces - it really helps!


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